What people say about us

"Danie Liebenberg is in a league of his own. He has a remarkable approach to security risk, and applies his exceptional knowledge to its successful mitigation. Due to his credibility and expertise clients want to work with Danie, and hold his recommendations in high esteem".  - Dave Walstra, CEO, Callguard

"Danie Liebenberg conducted an internal investigation on a key issue and delivered results beyond our expectations. His approach was extremely professional and highly effective due to his ability to analyse the situation, and address the issue with a unique and innovative approach". - Louis Boshoff, Director, JHI

"Danie is truly a security expert. He handled our security needs and developed a turnkey solution across all security components. We learnt much from Danie and value his knowledge and expertise highly". - Franco Strauss, Admin Manager, Schneider-Electric

"Danie's views on security risk mitigation are unique and effective. He approaches the issues in a very innovative manner. Danie is extremely credible. We trust and respect his expertise". - Rory Steyn, CEO, NSA Global

"Danie Liebenberg and Elio Zannoni conducted a security assessment for our Head Office. Their assessment was exhaustive; they reviewed and evaluated every possible factor contributing to our potential security risks. Danie and Elio are extremely knowledgeable and have a vast range of security experience and expertise. We received first rate service and actionable recommendations". - Trent Barcroft, CEO, Fiat-Chrysler SA

"Danie is very professional and highly knowledgeable. He has a direct and firm approach, and achieves the desired results by addressing the key issues head on. Clients line up to work with him and we value his ethics and no nonsense style" - Johan Myburgh, Div Manager, Securitas


"Danie Liebenberg's high standards should be the industry benchmark. He is by far the most professional indvidual whom I have dealt with. His years of experience gives him the ability to identify a problem, assess it quickly, and recommend an effective solution." - Steve Chart, Associate