About us

Recognising the power of aggregating exceptional talent, Danie Liebenberg set out in 2009 to identify other security practitioners who could add value to his own efforts. His associates were selected for their specific skillsets and perspectives on security risk mitigation and investigation. The result is a team with tremendous depth of experience and know-how, contributing to the overall success of each project.

Born and raised in South Africa, Danie entered the private security industry in 1993 after leaving the South African Police, where he had worked as an investigating officer. During his career he had gained in-depth understanding of security risk management and the challenges specific to different industries... among his clients are bankers, mining houses, retailers, manufacturers, warehousing & logistic operations, automotive businesses, exhibition venues, sport and recreation facilities, aviation operators, health care institutions, and property managers, to mention just a few.

Whilst Danie agrees that his past work experience has prepared him for his role as consultant and investigator, he credits his way of looking at security challenges and lapses as the main reason for his success. He believes that effective security risk management and successful investigations is the result of how one looks at things, which will naturally affect the course of action that follows. Says Danie: "I try to see what nobody else is seeing, and to think what nobody is thinking". 

Danie is supported by Elio Zannoni in Africa, Quinton Kruger in the Middle East, Steve Chart in the United Kingdom and Massimo Dall'Armi in Europe.
Danie has authored various articles on security risk management; is a popular speaker at security conferences and has hosted a range of workshops on security risk mitigation. He is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and is registered with the Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority in South Africa (PSIRA No. 148029).